MMP Meta-Vault Review: Episode 000

April 15, 2018

On April 8, 2018, The Model Majority Podcast dropped our 64th episode. I thought that in honor of our eight times eighth episode, that it was time to start a new habit.

So from now on out, get ready for some BLOGGING from the Model Majority Podcast!

These posts will give the hosts of the Model Majority Podcast another opportunity to vent, collect our thoughts, look backward at past episodes and forward to what’s coming next.

So because this is my first entry, I thought it was proper to look back to sixty-five weeks ago when Kevin and I recorded the very first episode of the Model Majority Podcast Episode: 000.

The sound quality was nowhere near what it is now. We were recording over Skype, and we had no experience as broadcasters, so the edit for Episode 000 took forever, and it still sounded… let’s just say not good!

But beyond the aesthetic qualities of our broadcast, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that our podcast at its core has remained mostly unchanged. Even the way I clumsily ask Kevin to chime in whenever I am done ranting my point away is the same as it was in episode 000!!! Points for us for keeping true to the DNA of what launched our show!

Something else that made me smile was listening to the “Pillars” of the podcast as we laid them out. In Episode 000: we pledged to be “Factual and Open-minded,” we want to cite our sources and examine as many sides to stories as we possibly can. We don’t write a single episode outline without a source document to spur the conversation!

Our second pillar was always to be sure to pose the problem through the AAPI lens. As I look back upon these 64-plus episodes, I’d be lying if I said that I was successful at framing up our questions or POVs as neatly as I had hoped. While I am very proud of the work we have done, I know this is something I am looking to improve upon as we continue to produce content. Please call us out on this if ever you catch us shaking this pillar!

Pillar 3 was to make sure that our podcast isn’t about turning a profit. Now I know we just started a Patreon campaign. Our crowdfunding campaign isn’t about making money or building a media empire, or anything like that. We are here to express our POVs and celebrate the diversity of the Asian American Pacific Islander community in the US. But this podcast does cost us some money to produce! And now with our Patreon, our audience fuels our podcast, and we never want to sell ads on our show. But we do want to have better microphones, and maybe a few times a year record in the same location! Punya lives in Chicago, Kevin lives in the Bay Area, and I live in Los Angeles! Maybe one day we can put together a small live show in one centralized location.

Episode 000 was a good beginning. I think we’ve stayed true to what our podcast set out to be some 65 weeks ago. I’d like to invite you, if you’re still ready anyway, to listen to Episode 000 and shoot us your thoughts as it compares not to Episode 064! Fill up the comment section if you like, or better yet, email us:

Okay, this post is already way too long! Going forward, I promise to bring you at least 500 words every week.  Sometimes it will be me listening to old episodes to see if they stand up to the test of time. Sometimes I might want to write about testing a new globalist recipe. I’m sure a few movie reviews will move through this space from time to time too. We’ll see what happens as time passes. If you listen to the MMP, you know I have thoughts and opinions about just about everything. So if there’s something you’d like to me get into, just let me know!

In the end, I always want to say thank you! I hope to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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