135: Remember the Alaskeros (Guest CoHost: Jenn Fang)

September 2, 2019

Jenn Fang, founder of Reappropriate.co, returns to the podcast to co-host this Labor Day 2019 special edition, where we discuss the history of the Alaskeros (Filipino American laborers who were one of the first to unionize (in the 1930s) to protect their rights), Trump’s recklessness trade war with China that is raising prices on many consumer goods this Labor Day, and a discussion about mental health and drug addiction taboos in the Asian American community catalyzed by a recent Huffington Post article by Anna Sterling (friend of the podcast episode 47).

PS: open offer to all: if you ever need someone to talk to about your mental health or drug addiction struggles, especially if it’s difficult for you to do so within your own family and community, email us (hello at modelmajoritypodcast dot com). We aren’t professional, but we have empathy on this issue and always available to be a supportive voice.

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