Day 2: Democratic Primary Debates in Detroit, Michigan

July 31, 2019

Kevin Xu brings a special episode of his coverage of Day 2 of the Democratic Primary Debates in Detroit, Michigan, with both stories from real people he met in Detroit and his thoughts on the democratic candidates’ performance from the debate.


– the debates are not speaking to people like AJ O’Neil, who’s a local business owner and community activist

– the fight to be in the 3rd debate continues with Congresswoman Gabbard landing the best punch of the night on Senator Harris

– VP Biden survived the onslaught…barely

– Senator Booker was effectively staking the party uniter role among all the argument

– Senator Gillibrand performed very strongly but enough to get her to the next debate…?

– Andrew Yang had a solid, on message performance that also exposed the phoniness of these debates, which is mostly reality TV

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