This is a podcast by Tony Nagatani and Kevin Xu, two former staffers of (a lot of) political campaigns and the Obama White House. And we just happen to be Asian-American.

We started the Model Majority Podcast as a First Amendment project to talk about politics, culture, and life through an Asian-American lens. It’s a voice that’s sorely lacking in our public discourse, especially considering that the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community is growing at a faster rate than any other comparable racial group. It’s a community that needs to be more heard and better understood. And we will try our best to help you with that.

There will be no fake news (unless we are debunking them). There will be no claims made without research, and we welcome you to challenge us with research of your own. And we promise, there will always be fun conversations, light-hearted banters, self-effacing humor, and hopefully some useful tidbits you can take home or to a cocktail party.