004: (Un)Happy Birthday Lincoln… What Would Jeff Sessions (Un)Do for Voting Rights; Campaign War Stories

We wish Lincoln a Happy Birthday, though we doubt he’d be happy with what’s going on in America right now. We discuss why Jeff Sessions’s confirmation as Attorney General would be, among many other things, bad for voting rights. We also share harrowing campaign war stories to show just how hard, complicated, and unpredictable it is to get people to vote. 

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Editorial Disclaimer: The content of this episode has been edited for clarity and better listening experience. We recorded this podcast over Skype, using Pamela Skype Audio Recorder, and edited this podcast using Adobe Audition. Painstaking effort has been taken to remove vocal annoyances like stuttering, talking too quickly, or overusing vocal cliches like “um”, “ah”, “uh”, and “you know.” We promise that none of our conversations have been edited out of sequence.





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