025: Greatest Hits v.1

Re-introducing some of our favorite interview segments from the past 24 episodes, this episode is a mash-up of our “greatest hits” from five amazing guests: Jennifer 8 Lee, Punya Krishnappa, Ronnie Cho, Kiran Ahuja, and Chris Lu. Enjoy! Subscribe: Apple Podcast | Stitcher | Google Play Episode Links: Episode 6: Jennifer 8 Lee Episode 7: Punya Krishnappa Episode Read more about 025: Greatest Hits v.1[…]

006: “Man Date” on Oscar Sunday

Jennifer 8. Lee joins us for a “Man Date” over Skype to share her experience and insight on filmmaking on this Oscar Sunday. We also avoid Trump’s Twitter gaslighting of his war with the media, by shining a light on the DHS memos that outlined the new immigration enforcement and border security policies.  Subscribe: iTunes Read more about 006: “Man Date” on Oscar Sunday[…]