022: “It’s not a hand-out, it’s a hand-up!”

Leah Cowan, Director of Mobilization for Common Sense Kids Action and a field campaign veteran, joins the podcast this week to talk about her incredible rise in the world of campaign politics and share her passion fighting for better parental leaves for our families and kids. We also share our thoughts on gun control, in light of the horrific mass shooting that occurred in Alexandria, VA and San Francisco, CA.

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Editorial Disclaimer: The content of this episode has been edited for clarity and better listening experience. We recorded this podcast over Skype, using Pamela Skype Audio Recorder, and edited this podcast using Adobe Audition. Painstaking effort has been taken to remove vocal annoyances like stuttering, talking too quickly, or overusing vocal cliches like “um”, “ah”, “uh”, and “you know.” We promise that none of our conversations have been edited out of sequence.

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