011: “Get Out” Comrade Putin!

Tony and Kevin take Trump to task on his continuous Twitter gaslighting to defend Comrade Putin, and remind people not to forget some big news items ahead: China, the border wall, and possible government shutdown. We also discuss “Get Out” the movie, its well-crafted and insightful racial commentary, and what on earth was that Asian guy doing in the movie?

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Editorial Disclaimer: The content of this episode has been edited for clarity and better listening experience. We recorded this podcast over Skype, using Pamela Skype Audio Recorder, and edited this podcast using Adobe Audition. Painstaking effort has been taken to remove vocal annoyances like stuttering, talking too quickly, or overusing vocal cliches like “um”, “ah”, “uh”, and “you know.” We promise that none of our conversations have been edited out of sequence.

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