Model Majority Podcast

What's this Podcast?

"We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts." - late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
"We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts."

As two Asian-American former field organizers, we started the Model Majority Podcast as a First Amendment project to talk about politics, culture, and life through an Asian-American lens. It’s a voice that’s sorely lacking in our public discourse, especially considering that the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community is growing at a faster rate than any other comparable racial group. It’s a community that needs to be better understood. And we will try our best to help you with that. There will be no fake news (unless we are debunking them). There will be no claims made without research, and we welcome you to challenge us with research of your own. And we promise, there will always be fun conversations, light-hearted banters, self-effacing humor, and hopefully some useful tidbits you can take home or to a cocktail party.

Who We Are

Like...seriously...who are these two weirdos?

Tony Nagatani

A half Japanese, half Irish dude, originally from Manoa Valley on the island of Oahu, HI. Tony has worked in the editorial department on television shows like Jay Leno’s Garage, Storage Wars, and MTV’s The Hills. Tony is also an electoral campaign nerd who has worked in 8 states in various organizing and digital roles since 2007. Greatest hits include: Field Organizer throughout 2008 Obama election cycle, North Carolina Digital Director in 2011, Charlotte Regional Field Director in 2012, and Organizing Director from 2013-2014 on Ro Khanna’s campaign for California’s 17th Congressional District. Cake Noodles > Fried Rice > Ramen. Huge fan of the San Francisco 49ers. Tony lives in LA and moonlights as a Karaoke DJ at the Oaks Tavern.

Kevin Xu

A Chinese-Canadian-American with an eclectic sports team allegiance (Hockey: Vancouver Canucks; Football: New England Patriots; Basketball: LA Lakers). Former Field Organizer on the 2008 Obama campaign, press assistant at the Department of Commerce, press wrangler at the White House. Currently a legal design fellow at Stanford Law School, working on a startup that helps people understand and use their health insurance policies (in private beta). Loves to eat seafood, cook breakfast, “read” New Yorker cartoons, program chatbots, hike in the redwoods, swim in the pool, and sing karaoke (but not nearly as good as Tony).

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